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Providing Lighting to Family

Updated: May 8


One solar lantern saves a family 10,000 MGA a month (from shifts on spending on fuel, candles, electricity), give children more hours for evening reading, give precious time for family gatherings, improve personal safety, reduce incidence of fires from kerosene lamps tipping over, decrease CO2 emissions with less pollution exposure.


Access to electricity remains low with about 20% of the total population. Only 5% have access to electricity in rural areas. For most Malagasy households, especially in rural areas kerosene and candles for lighting are the most important energy sources.


We are joining efforts with local partners to ensure basic human rights are met for our beneficiaries. Solar lanterns can positively affect a family's situation by using a high side light as desk lamps and with less pollution exposure. When you give the gift of clean energy you also give precious time for family to spend time together.

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