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Planting 1000 Fruit-Bearing Trees for Tsaranoro Valley Community

We are excited to announce that the 2024 tree planting season has begun. About 1000 fruit-bearing trees are expected to be planted in Tsaranoro valley, one of the most remote areas of Madagascar. Early 2023, we planted 250 fruit trees: mango trees: 100pieces, orange trees: 30 pieces, loquat trees: 50 pieces, lemon trees: 20 pieces, avocado trees: 20 pieces, peach trees: 30 pieces.

If you can afford to give just $10 a month, please consider supporting this project:


Looking at poverty only through a monetary lens, we risk leaving behind millions of people who experience food insecurity, unemployment, inadequate housing, poor sanitation, lack of healthcare, limited access to education, and many more deprivation. Source: The United Nations Development Program and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative Multidimensional Poverty Index, 2021. Hunger and poverty play out privately in the lives of some Malagasy community.


During our initial programs, we planted hundreds of native trees known within Tsaranaro valley. We aim to plant more orchards in areas that experience food poverty, bringing food to people that need it most. As well as creating a stunning display, fruit tree blossom provides an important nectar source to pollinators, so hungry pollinators will gratefully flock towards them. Fruit trees provide fresh, free, local food. Community orchards are planted so everyone can benefit from them.

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