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About us

Halt Poverty

We believe that sustainable tourism can be a powerful tool in the fight against poverty. Our approach is rooted in education, training, and community development. We work with vulnerable communities to build resilience and promote sustainable tourism practices.

N. Herrmann, DE

“This is a great project that helps people and nature alike. I wish you all the best.”

February 15, 2024

H. Rakotomanana, MG

"Halt Poverty positively engages Malagasy youth through. Changes starts locally"

December 3, 2019

K. Oleson, US

We miss Madagascar, you, M., are so impressed with all you are doing! Keep up the inspirational work.

June 25, 2019


We collaborate with a wide range of partners to achieve our mission. Our partners include local communities, NGOs, and businesses that share our commitment to sustainable tourism and community development. Together, we are working to build a more sustainable, equitable world.

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